Extension and alterations — Hail Weston, St Neots

Exterior refurbishment — Boughton, Northamptonshire

Mixed-use scheme — St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Extension and alterations – Linton, Cambridgeshire

New build family home – Olney, Milton Keynes

New build family home – Radwinter, Essex

Extension and alterations – New Street, St Neots

Extension and Loft conversion – Avenue Road, St Neots

Barn extension — Honeydon, Bedfordshire

Loft conversion and extension — Cambridge

Loft conversion and alterations — Castle Road, Bedford

Eaton Socon Pre-school — St Neots, Cambridgeshire

Extension and alterations — Browning Drive, Eaton Ford

Rear extension and alterations — Greatford, Stamford

Rear and side extension – Kenilworth Close, Eaton Socon

Rear extension and alterations — Peaks Court, Huntingdon

New build family home — Eaton Socon, St Neots

Internal refurbishment – Ferrars Avenue, Eynesbury

Rear extension – The Paddock, Eaton Ford

New build homes — Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire

External terrace refurbishment, private club — Piccadilly, London

New build homes — Mowhills, Harrold

Wrap around – Wordsworth Avenue, St Neots

Family home – Avenue Road, St Neots

Extension – Church Street, Great Shelford

Refurbishment and extension — Dolphin Lane, Melbourn

Refurbishment and extension – Hayling Walk, Little Paxton

Refurbishment and extension — Avenue Road, St Neots

Kids Club Building – Crosshall Infant School

Rear extension — Swallow Court, St Neots

Internal alterations – Ackerman Street, Eaton Socon

Rear extension — Eynesbury, St Neots

Interior alteration, Eaton Ford

Rear extension — Shepreth, Royston

Additions and alterations – Vicarage Road, Waresley

Corner property, Great North Road, Eaton Socon

Rear two storey extension – West Street, St Neots

First floor extension — Thornham, Norfolk