New build family home — Eaton Socon, St Neots

Date July 2018

Eaton Socon is a diverse village of architectural styles and domestic architecture. There are a series of large garden plots in and around the village that could allow for development.

We have been approached by a private client who owns a large plot and would like to develop the site to enable them to gain a single-family dwelling that is energy efficient and stylish. The client and ourselves have discussed extensively the accommodation list they require, reviewed architectural styles and materials they would like to use and reviewed our initial feasibility studies. In addition, we reviewed the potential issues relating to the site and the planning guidance for new homes within Huntingdonshire.

We completed three different schemes that tested the brief and the restrictions in place due to the site. The key planning restrictions for a site like this were identified as being access in and around the property, overlooking issues towards the neighbours and overshadowing of neighbouring properties. All three scheme ensured they complied and used the initial pre-application advice given by Huntingdonshire District Council Planning Department.