New build homes — Mowhills, Harrold

Date September 2017

Our brief from the applicant was to review the site conditions and existing property to see what was the best way to redevelop the site. We discussed different options with the client, and following an initial pre-application meeting with Bedfordshire Borough Council Planning department it was decided that two five bedroom detached properties would be the most appropriate approach.

We separated the site into two equal sized plots that created linear land strips running from the higher track level of Mowhills to the lower flood plain and the brook. The drop in site level is 6 metres from track to brook. This alone set a unique challenge to the design of the two houses.

All of the above factors enabled us to create linear homes with small gabled end facades to the north and south. This approach reduces the impact on the streetscape and countryside views.

The houses have been designed to be bigger than national housing standards to ensure the user a better living experience. However, the mass and scale of the properties have beed reduced by hiding them within the slope landscape. We consider this to be crucial to achieving a high quality pair of homes.

We recently submitted this scheme for outline planning permission through Bedfordshire Borough Council under the request of the client. The outline planning permission was granted at the end of June 2017.

The land and outline planning will now be developed by a local property developer and we are looking to be involved to completion.