Barn extension — Honeydon, Bedfordshire

Date 2020

In the small hamlet of Honeydon in Bedfordshire we have been asked to review a potential barn extension with a client to provide an increased size of property for the couple to enjoy. The clients have undertaken a sensitive restoration and conversion of the existing barn but have outgrown the dwelling so the intention has been to extend whilst being as sensitive as possible to the original host building.

We have explored the design with the clients thoroughly and the overall concepts have always been to:

  • leave the existing barn as untouched as possible with minimal adaptions;
  • place the extension out of site from the road and in a position that minimises overlooking and overshadowing to the neighbouring farmhouse;
  • design an extension to be subservient in scale and height against the original.

We completed three feasibility studies all different and unique to the site but offering a variety of materials, forms and roof-scapes. These have then been developed further with the clients and discussed at length with the local authority planning department at Bedford Borough Council.

We have completed the process of developing the designs from the feasibility phase into a planning submission that the clients and ourselves are satisfied ticks all the boxes. The chosen design uses the materials of the existing barn residence but in a contemporary manner to show the historical and architectural difference between the two elements. The black timber cladding is altered to be vertical batten over board arrangement to add depth and a contrast to the black shiplap of the original. The brickwork will be of a similar era with various options being explored but rather than just a plinth we have taken this up to first floor level and then extruded garden walls and brick clad gates from this element. In addition, the butterfly roof design and scale of the extension has been revised to be subservient in height, scale and length to the original barn dwelling and allow the existing to dominate still this countryside setting.

We have submitted the extension in for planning at Bedford Borough Council Planning Department and await the process being completed.

We will keep you posted of any further developments.