Ravens Court – Progress

We thought it was time for an update on our project in Thornham, Norfolk.  The first floor extension is now watertight and secure with all necessary windows and doors installed.  The double pitched zinc roof has been completed to a fantastic standard by CEL Group.  We got to see it under the scaffold lid but once the lid was removed the zinc looked great!

The external walls are wrapped in the breather membrane and additional insulation with some elevations battened ready for the sweet chestnut cladding to be fixed in the next few weeks.  The structural glass link and bay window have been completed and the glass balustrade to the balcony will be completed at a later date.

Regarding the interiors, the alterations to form the new entrance into the extension have been commenced with finishes and decorations to be completed.  The natural light and brightness within the extension has now become more apparent and the client is really pleased with the arrangement of no direct south facing windows.  The plasterboard lining is virtually complete with the plastering will begin in the next few weeks.

We will update you of the progress as we move forward but needless to say it is taking shape!