New Project, extension and alterations – Flaxfield, Linton

There are a considerable amount of 1970s-1980s houses and bungalows that unfortunately look tired and/or need to be updated. When approached to undertake this scheme we wanted to do this justice by bringing in designs that work with themes and ideas of the era it was originally built, but as a contemporary and modern interpretation. We are really pleased with the designs we created from the initial ideas the clients envisioned, and by working with them we have a design that they. both really love.

The design has evolved since these feasibility studies and takes elements of all three schemes to generate a design that will drastically enhance the bungalow, the setting and the surrounding context. We will keep you posted of any further developments, but if you want to see more take a look here!

St Neots Extension

Planning Granted, Extension – Avenue Road, St Neots

Our courtyard extension scheme to a semi-detached period property on Avenue Road in St Neots recently achieved planning permission. Really delighted with this scheme as it works around a major issue of these typology of house – dark interior spaces that are underutilised. This courtyard design will optimise the use and enjoyment of this house by this young family. Can’t wait to get building this one!

We have now submitted a homogenous contemporary roof dormer extension to complement this extension at Huntingdonshire District Council Planning Department. We consider both of these additions for the  St Neots extension will drastically improve this period property and the surrounding context.

We will then review how the clients want to proceed following the completion of this latest application. Keep following us for further news. You can see more on this project – here!

Planning Granted – New Street, St Neots

We were recently granted planning permission for this fantastic and unique rear extension to a period property in St Neots Conservation Area. We always work closely with the clients to achieve the right aesthetic, arrangement and style before going to planning for permission. We are really pleased this was approved by Huntingdonshire District Council Planning Department with the local parish council stating:

“We consider that the proposal would assimilate itself to the existing part of the town. Satisfactory proposal in terms of scale and pattern of development. Makes efficient use of its site.”

We are now in discussions with the clients on how they would like to proceed. You can see more on the scheme and the different options we created – here!

Internal alterations – Ashfield, Kimbolton – Progress

We have been working with the client selected builder to complete an internal and roof alteration project in Kimbolton.  It is envisioned that the project will be completed in the next couple of weeks once a sedum roof is added to the build, and the finishing touches are finalised.

Some recent construction images can be seen below:

Abbot House – On Site!

Our scheme for ‘Abbot House’ West Street in St Neots has commenced on site with the initial clearance nearly complete and site investigation trial holes inspected.

After a successful planning permission being granted at the beginning of the year the construction phase has followed on quickly so as to ensure the client can enjoy her new extension as soon as possible.

The first phase of the groundworks are being carried out after a period of deliberation to ensure there is no conflict with the existing structure and neighbouring property.

We will be tweeting progress during the works so look out for further news!

If you would like to review the project see – Abbot House.

Abbot House – Planning Permission Granted!

Huntingdonshire District Council have granted us permission for our scheme at Abbot House (2 West Street) in St Neots.  The permission is for a single storey side extension and a two storey rear extension formed in sympathetic materials but with some modern twists.

The client is delighted and is keen to press ahead with the construction process in the next week or two.  P McGregor and Son Ltd have been selected as the builder and the demolition of the existing conservatory and potting shed will commence very soon.  Then it is full steam ahead!  We will be tweeting progress during the works.

For further information on this project – see Abbot House.