New Project, new build family home – Radwinter, Essex

This is one of several new build family homes we have on the books at the moment all of which are unique and centred around the site, context and most importantly the client. The envision was for a single dwelling house centred around the focal mature oak tree on this large domestic garden site. We then designed a series of comprehensive feasibility studies to creates a house that the clients can see themselves living in with their future family.

The process to planning has been extensive and detailed to ensure the best outcome for the clients and we are working closely with them to achieve this goal. This project will provide a high-quality family home in a newly landscaped garden that has been tiered, sectioned and with various aspects from wildflower meadows, a kitchen garden to a private terraced area.

We will keep you posted of this development as it progresses through the planning system. You can see more on this scheme – here!