This scheme was undertaken as a theoretical design to understand how existing unusual industrial structures could be redeveloped into something unique for the 21st Century. There are very few incentives to encourage development of heritage structures such as the water tower.   In order to change attitudes, creative responses are required to show why the retention of these buildings is important.

The existing water tower is situated in an arable field surrounded by tall trees and hedgerows.  This is set back from a T junction on a quiet ‘A’ road. The natural environment softens the iron structure of the supports and allows the charismatic iron tank to reside at a lofty position amongst the trees. This also screens the site from the adjacent country road and to the busy A1/M.

The scheme we have formulated sees the tank become a unique residential property, making use of the expansive vistas across the uninterrupted countryside. The water tank would be designed as the main entertaining level, with an idea to open up the east elevation to gain the views. The overall scheme would be clad in natural soft materials, such as living green walls and creative timber cladding, and then coupled with a respectful landscaping scheme.