A design competition run by Homemade Dessert Architecture Competitions for a former packaging factory complex of Redtory, in Guangzhou, China.  The proposals needed to consider using all existing buildings and structures including the reactivation of the unique silo  in the centre of the site.  The aim of the competition was to try and offer community involvement buildings within the plot, and show activities to the perimeter that engage with those travelling past.

The site is situated parallel with the main road that travels past the southern boundary enabling the silo to become a key marker into the ‘red-tory’ site. Secondary routes running perpendicular to the highway give potential access points into the scheme.  With our design, all boundaries  are occupied with different experiences and functions.

The ‘red-tory’ area currently has pockets of existing green space that are  both within and surrounding the plot.  We proposed that this characteristic is how the silo should be revived to form a pleasant experience for the users.  The use of green roofs, park land, coupled with additional trees and planting would soften the appearance of the industrial site and structures.

The existing silo is surrounded by water and we suggested it should be retained to act as a key feature for the buildings to react to, work alongside and offer a different aesthetic.

The existing site is sparsely occupied with two buildings fronting the current entry.  Our intention would be to re-populate the site with buildings and functions, while still maintaining an open nature. The masterplan would then work during the daytime as a learning environment and the night as a destination for experiencing dance or music, or simply for socialising.