School Farm is located within the Bedfordshire countryside and its isolation from neighbours gives it a serenity that needs to be maintained.  The designs shown are initial ideas aimed at formulating a way forward.  We have set up a strategy to evolve the designs and explored material precedents that offer an example of the external wall cladding, roofing, interior forms and glazing arrangement.

The original barn had been lovingly converted into a residential dwelling with minimal interventions allowing natural daylight into the interior. All new windows and external doors had used the existing openings without adaptation to the existing exterior.  The raised external patio and internal floor ensured a separation between the car park and house. This provided a better position for views across the adjacent landscape.  Bearing this in mind we pieced together a strategy for the new extension, ensuring the existing interior was not altered too much in character or charm.

This included the following:

  1. Using the existing raised floor level.
  2. Offering different views out and prioritising views.
  3. Blocking views into the extension and barn from the adjacent house.
  4. Allowing access into the property to flow.
  5. Maintaining vehicular access around the property.

We generated three different feasibility studies that used the site influences and developed strategies that created unique designs. The scheme is within the guideline sizes to ensure no planning permission is required.  The client’s preferred scheme is option three in the black cladding and is currently being progressed before continuing to construction.