The village of Great Paxton is situated to the North of St Neots on the connecting route to the twin villages of Offord Cluny and Offord D’Arcy.  The property is one of a series of houses built in the 1990s to expand the village. The house is a four bedroomed property with a large garden to the rear that gains constant southern light. However, at the moment, the connection between the house and garden is limited, therefore the client wishes to develop this in order to better enjoy the property and its setting.

Our brief has been to complete an initial feasibility study of the property to undertake the following alterations:

– Two storey rear extension to gain additional space downstairs and to create room for an ensuite upstairs.

– Alter the downstairs arrangement to create a kitchen and dining space that works for the family and gives a visual connection to the garden at the rear.

– Review how to improve the aesthetic of the exterior of the property.

We have completed three different schemes that test and analyse the existing building, and the brief set out by the client.  Each scheme reviews the size and shape of the kitchen and its placement within the property. The designs show different roof forms and external materials to improve the aesthetics of the property while extending the house.

We have developed the scheme with the client to allow for submission to planning under a Householder Application. The application was submitted to Huntingdonshire District Council Planning Department in August 2017 and received planning permission in November 2017.