We were asked to review the property to see how to maximise their internal environment and ensure the house functioned when entertaining, and living day to day.  The initial intention was to complete a side and rear extension, with a third service extension to the narrow boundary area.  The original sketch used the timber boarded fencing as the external material.  This wrapped around and over the roof to form a simple extruded shape extending out of the rear of the property.

Through further development of the scheme, the rear extension was changed to a single storey multi-faceted room as an insulated conservatory.  The side extension was built to form a larger lounge with additional windows to the front and rear.  The design uses a standard gable form allowing the master bedroom to gain a walk-in dressing room in the pitched roof space.

The materials have been chosen to blend with the existing property to satisfy a request from the planning department.  In addition, the planners requested the side extension be set slightly back from the front, showing its subservient form to the main house.