Using the influence of the Channel 4 program ‘Amazing Spaces,’ we started to gain an understanding of what we could achieve as a remote office structure for the practice.  The intention is to maximise the size but avoid any planning permission requirement.  The office would accommodate a minimum of 2 people and allow for future expansion.  The location of the building is the bottom of the rear garden and replaces an existing outbuilding.  The new scheme will provide a hidden storage area below the floor.

The design uses the requirement of a maximum height of 2.5m when situated within two metres of a boundary of the curtilage of the dwelling house. This influences the design of the roof-scape that transforms the overall form. Another factor is to generate a structure that could be constructed easily by un-skilled labour.

The cladding is related to the surrounding white boarding on the adjacent properties and main house. The sharp edges, clean lines and jagged form generates an eye-catching structure that acts as an advertisement for the practice. The structure in essence could be transported due to its lightweight construction and planted on any site should we decide to move.