I am in the process of moving onto the next stage of a travel fellowship for the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. The topic I picked is ‘Creative reinvention of industrial or heritage buildings’. This will involve a tour around North America and Canada (Part 1) and Europe (Part 2). This will last for approximately 6 weeks in total.

In order to make the most of the tour I have compiled a list of buildings that are of reference to the topic. Coupled with a few more I feel are key to allowing me to experience architecture of significant value. I would be grateful for any further suggestions, additional buildings, landscapes or structures worth visiting and exploring.

Here is the initial list:

The list is my starting point to assess timescales, periods of travel and the route I will take across both North America and Europe. I would appreciate any comments people have on the list above and any additional buildings people recommend visiting.

Thanks for reviewing the long list and I will inform you all of the result.