1. Duisburg Nord – Landscahftspark

    A former industrial site turned into a public landscaped park. Latz & Partner

  2. Museum of Inland Shipping, Duisburg, Germany

    A former swimming baths turned into a museum with full size ships / boats. Architektur Fabrik Aachen

  3. Public Park on Harbour Island, Saarbrucken, Germany

    A former destroyed and spilled coal port is the centre of an ecological renewal programme. Latz & Partner

  4. Volklingen Iron Works, Saarbrucken, Germany

    Now a world heritage site and industrial complex of buildings, and chimneys; reinvented into a tourist attraction. Unknown

  5. Gasometer, Oberhausen, Germany

    A former gasometer as an industrial monument into an exhibition hall and viewing platform. Unknown

  6. Zollverin World Heritage Site, Essen, Germany

    A former coal manufacturing industrial site into a series of visitors facilities and opened up to the public to maintain its history. OMA & others

  7. Tetrahedron, Bottrop-Batenbrock, Germany

    A 80m coal slag heap with a steel tetrahedron structure of 50m high to gain views across the landscapes and Ruhr industrial countryside. Professor Wolfgang Christ and Klaus Bollinger

  8. Ruhr Museum, Stuttgart, Germany

    A former coal washing plant into a museum as a part of the Ruhr Industrial area. H G Merz

  9. Dresden Museum of Military History, Dresden, Germany

    An extension to a historic building to form new exhibition spaces in an enigmatic manner. Daniel Libeskind

  10. Felix Nussbaum Haus, Osnabruck, Germany & Extension to Felix Nussbaum Haus

    A museum dedicated to a jewish artist persecuted during WW2 extended in an enigmatic fashion. Daniel Libeskind

  11. Jewish Museum, Berlin & Glass Courtyard & Education centre, Berlin, Germany

    A reminder for the atrocities undertaken during WW2. Extended from a classical existing building in Berlin with 2 new additions. Daniel Libeskind

  12. Kolumba Museum, Cologne, Germany

    A former gothic parish church ruins formed into a new art museum in a sympathetic and sensitive design. Peter Zumthor

  13. Kuppersmulhe Museum Grothe Collection, Duisberg

    A former mill building converted into a museum. Herzog & De Meuron

  14. Wunderland, Kalkar

    An amusement park inhabiting a former nuclear power plant in Western region of Germany. Unknown

  15. Langan Foundation, Raketenstation 1, D-41472 Neuss & Museum Insel Hombroich, Neuss

    A former missile station on Hombroich Island that has been changed into an art foundation. Tadao Ando & Alvaro Siza (Pavilion)

Other buildings to visit at cities above in Germany:

  • Porsche Museum, Stuttgart, Germany
  • New Stuttgart City Library, Stuttgart – Eun Young Yi
  • Neue Stattsgalerie, Stuttgart – James Stirling
  • Visitors centre & Park Kalkriese, Osnabruck – Gigon Guyer
  • Archaelogical museum & Park Kalkriese, Osnabruck – Gigon Guyer